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Todd Pam

Todd Pam

Partner & LPL Registered Representative, Claremont Office

With twenty-three years of working at some of Wall Street’s largest firms (BlackRock, Legg Mason, Van Kampen, and most recently DWS) alongside some of the best financial advisors across Southern California, Todd has recently partnered with Thiesen Dueker to work directly with clients to help them plan their financial futures.

What excites Todd most is helping young married couples dream big, and plan for the future of their family, specifically retirement, and college funding.  Getting these two steps right early in a marriage, allows for incredible freedom and takes away unwanted financial stress.

Todd and his wife Jill have four kids, Mackenzie (18), Harper (16), Everett (14), and their Adopted Son Kibru (12), who is originally from Ethiopia.  Their oldest, Mackenzie, headed off to College, sent a note to her father recognizing how grateful she was that her parents started saving for her college when she was born.  This note hangs in Todd’s office, and reminds him to discuss this essential part of financial planning with everyone he meets.

When Todd is not in the office, he spends time on the baseball fields, coaching kids to believe in themselves and develop great work habits and friendships.  With an understanding that sports and youth activities are expensive financial trappings, he is able to walk with families though this stage, and map out a plan to enjoy the experience, without sacrificing their greater financial plan.

Serving on the financial board of his church, Todd is most proud that their priorities have always been serving the needs of the worlds’ poor.  Recently, through the generosity of many, they were able to donate $1.2 million to build the one and only Hospice care facility in Central Africa.  It is Todd’s mission to develop this generosity among his clients, and to help them develop their very own financial purpose.

Understanding that acquiring money is not the end goal, but rather it is a means to serve family, community, and our world.  It is his goal to equip others with ways to build their financial future, while maintaining their financial purpose.