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John  McKinney

John McKinney

Retired Partner

John McKinney characterizes his 26 years as a financial planner as his “third career.”

He spent his twenties serving our country in the 82nd Airborne, going to law school and practicing small town law in North Carolina. After moving to California in the early seventies with his wife Jane and two young daughters, John ran a furniture manufacturing company in his thirties and forties before being recruited as a financial planner. It was then that he found the career for which the analytical thinking of the legal profession and the real world decisions-making and responsibilities of running a company and meeting a payroll had prepared him.

Most gratifying to him is his clients’ assurance that they trust him and rely upon him to explain the complexities of financial planning in ways they understand. John feels he is in the “peace of mind” business, especially as he deals mainly with clients in retirement mode. The lessons in patience and critical thinking John has gained in his years as an avid sailor have helped him guide his clients through the often stormy investing environment.

In addition to their two daughters, John and Jane have a son and a young grandson.