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Retirement & Income Planning

Leaving your retirement to luck and chance makes for a very uncertain future. Accumulating assets now to generate desired income during your retirement years takes commitment, foresight and careful planning. At Thiesen Dueker Group, we find it especially rewarding to present each client a real plan, a roadmap based on real numbers and projections. And our clients find it especially rewarding to see what they can do to affect a more certain retirement. From retirement investment vehicles to income distribution strategies, Thiesen Dueker Group will guide you through a plan that seeks to maximize wealth accrual and minimize your tax liabilities now and during retirement. Following are some of the vehicles that may be part of your strategy:

  1. Traditional and Roth IRAs
  2. Simple and SEP IRAs
  3. IRA Rollovers and IRA Consolidations
  4. 401(k), 403(b), Profit Sharing and Defined Benefit Plans
  5. Income Distribution and RMDs
 For further information, please visit our Retirement Plan Services Division.