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Going Independent

Your Business...Your way.

Go independent with the help of Thiesen Dueker and LPL Financial, where you have complete flexibility to structure your business the way you want. At Thiesen Dueker, we understand the complexities and fears you may have when considering the decision to become an independent advisor. To make things simple and seamless for you, we provide the infrastructure, tools, advice, and personalized attention needed to help you succeed.  Along with vital operational and administrative support, we offer you a comprehensive transition team to help make your move quick and efficient. If you are seeking a collaborative work environment and a powerful peer network, Thiesen Dueker is the partnership for you. Going independent doesn’t have to mean going it alone; gain control, brand your business, and provide an exceptional service for your clients.  Your business…your way.

Below is a list of proprietary services we offer in order to give you confidence in developing and maintaining a beneficial relationship with us.

    • Comprehensive Transition Services
    • Access to seasoned support team
    • Training and professional development
    • Turn-key “Class A” office space
    • No HR or payroll worries
    • Freedom to focus on your clients and your business
    • Highly experienced local staff including Compliance Officer, Human Resources Manager, Marketing director, Insurance and 401k experts
    • Exclusive access to LPL’s most experienced back office service team
  • GROW
    • Support in growing your business your way
    • Access to LPL’s business support teams
    • Practice Acquisition
    • Collaborative work environment
    • Engage with industry experts through conferences and events
    • Excellent wholesaler coverage
    • Comprehensive breadth of services
    • Robust product platform
    • Your business, your way
    • Control and own your business
    • Your choice of business branding
    • Powerful income deferral strategies
    • 100% business expense write off
    • Contingency and succession planning
    • Dedicated OSJ who works with you to protect you and your business
    • Retire your way – secure your future
    • Protect your business value
    • Operate the way you want
    • Sell your practice for full market value
    • Fun environment
    • No pressures
    • Love where you work


Going independent doesn’t mean going it alone. Give us a call, let’s talk.


To make an appointment for a confidential consultation, please contact Callie Thiesen at 559-448-8190. You may also submit your information to