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Care Fresno

Giving back is our responsibility.
And we start right here at home.

One of the things we love doing as a team is taking kids from the Care Fresno organization to places that they may not have been before or otherwise have the opportunity to visit. Care Fresno provides daily after-school tutoring, mentoring and sports programs for at-risk youth. Enlisting the help of local churches, the Care Fresno team uses the theory of urban missions, turning apartments in high-crime areas into safer places to live. The Churches do not simply adopt a neighborhood, but they actually move Christian Leaders into these communities to serve and live alongside those they're mentoring. As an incentive for the kids to do well in school, the Thiesen Dueker Staff, joined forces with Care Fresno's leaders and chaperoned 60 kids, ages 9-12 years old, on a trip to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for their 2016 trip. We got to share a day of rides, sand, pizza and lots of smiles!

Our first trip with the Care Fresno kids was spent in Disneyland in 2011. What an awesome experience to see the faces on these kids as they place their eyes on the Magic Kingdom for the first time! In 2012, we took 50 kids to Santa Cruz. Watching these kids put their feet in the ocean for the first time was amazing! We want to think that we have blessed these kids, but we can’t help but feel blessed ourselves. To become acquainted and build relationships with them is rewarding.

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